April 1, 2024

iPhones or model building.

How to get you children off their phones.

Put down the iPhone and have fun model building.

What a suggestion! Do you know how hard it is to do that!.

We need to guide our children.

They are just sitting there like zombies with their eyes glued to this screen in front of them. You call out to them Once, Twice maybe three times before you get through the message across.

The iPhone is an amazing gadget for today’s world, It has exceptional capabilities for us to connect and view the life and world around us. But it comes with some very extreme challenges that we have to navigate to stay safe. Things like not being distracted when crossing the road.

Guide your children away from dangerous devices..

Posting things online that soon after you regret sending and find that it’s there for every one to see.and excess. Communicating with people you don’t know who may be trying to take advantage of you or losing money to scammers. Don’t ever think that you are immune from these things,

Fact or fiction.

Not everything you see online is true or fact, even buying items online can be a gamble if you not careful and diligent. It is so easy clicking on something that you are not sure about but decide to take the chance and find that it is a scam.

What you see on the internet is not always true.

Give you children something interesting to do.

It is getting close to 20 years since the iPhone first appeared on the scene, and it has been forcing us to make some extremely important changes to our lifestyle. Children are our greatest asset, we don’t want to lose than to the wims of the iPhone.

This is not in times gone where we had the hand held game consoles where you could play for hours with a few games.

This is a whole new ball game.

Limit the time you children can spend on the iPhone and internet for they need to enjoy and get something out of what they are doing which will help them in life. Staring at a screen for long periods is not very creative.

Be Creative,

You will really enjoy what you are doing.

Do some DIY model building .

Building something with you creative imagination using things like Wood, Clay, Cardboard, Paper, 3D Liniment whether with plans and a 3D printer machine, or a 3D Pen which gives you the opportunity to create objects free hand.

They may need a lot of encouragement; Parents can get involved and start the process by setting up a work table and start doing a DIY project yourself. Maybe other members of the family can get involved too. Make shore that you are within a close vicinity of you child so they can see what is happening even though they will most likely still distracted.

TEMU    Model building.

Don’t push them, Just keep doing what you doing and really jump up and down when you have achieved something. At least celebrate your accomplishment verbally and physically. I am shore they will take notice and realize how much enjoyment you are having and want to get involved.

Things may not change straight away so keep at it, I am sure you will enjoy the journey as well. 

Amazon. DIY Modelling Kits.

Enjoy the process. And encourage them along the way.

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